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HIST 420/EAS 395: Chinese Legal History

How to Develop Research Questions/Topics

Before you begin the search,
Think about
1) Which topic in this class are you interested in? 

-- think about all the readings, anything you find it useful

2) What are the current scholarships on this topic?

-- from the topic, try some search on Summon, Google Scholar or OBIS to start with.

3) What are the arguments/thesis of these scholarship? Do they agree with each other or against each other?
4) Which side of the argument you agree or disagree? Do you have your own argument?

-- from what you have found, extend your search, using Subject Heading search in OBIS, or particular database search for alternative keywords 

Search Tips: how to use "AND" "OR" and "NOT"; 
And Or Not
Each result contains all search terms. Each result contains at least one search term. Results do not contain the specified terms.
The search heart and lung finds items that contain both heart and lung. The search heart or lung finds items that contain either heart or items that contain lung. The search heart not lung finds items that contain heart but do not contain lung.

Subject Search

Related Subject Search on Library of Congress Subject Heading (examples)

  • Law -- China -- History -- Cases
  • Law -- China -- History -- To 1500 -- Sources
  • Law -- China -- History -- Qing dynasty, 1644-1912
  • Law -- China -- Language
  • Law -- China -- Philosophy -- History
  • Law -- China -- Sources
  • China -- History -- Qing dynasty, 1644-1912
  • China -- History -- Reform movement, 1898
  • China -- History -- Republic, 1912-1949
  • China -- History -- Qing dynasty, 1644-1912
  • Authoritarianism
  • Central planning -- Social aspects
  • China -- Politics and government -- 18th century
  • Bureaucracy -- China -- History -- 18th century