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OHMS: Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

Steps for Uploading a Transcript and Synching with Media

On the Interview Manager screen, go to the Transcript column and click on the Upload link corresponding to the title for which you want to upload a transcript.


When the Upload transcript box appears, select Choose File to upload the file from your computer.

Click Save.

On the Interview Manager screen, go to the Sync Column and click on the Sync link corresponding to the title for which you want to sync a transcript.

This opens the Transcript Sync Module containing the video with the transcript directly below it.

To the right you will see the Sync controller

OHMS sync controls

The video will start playing immediately. Click on the Fast Forward Button to move to the 50 second mark. A bell will ring signaling that you have ten seconds to tag the word coinciding with the second bell which will ring at the one minute mark. Tag your text on this second ring. This will put a green highlight on the text. Repeat the process, tagging the text at one minute intervals until you are finished. 

Save the Sync.

Click on the Return to Interview Manager Button where you can add a new interview, sync other transcripts or index a video.

Note:  If you were distracted and missed tagging your text, the Sync Controller automatically backups (after playing for the default 10 seconds) to the 50 second mark and gives you another chance to mark the text at the one minute interval.