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Art of Indigenous Americans: Pre-Columbian

Background & Context

Searching OBIS

Searching OBIS

For Pre-Columbian cultures search the location or the name of the group:

     Aztecs       Aztlán 

To increase results, use Keyword searches:

     (Aztec* or Aztlán)

    Filter your results with the concept of art by limiting to the location Art Libray.

Combine with Biography or History to further refine:

     (Aztec* or Aztlán) and History 

     Limited to the Art Libray


Art by the indigenous peoples of the Americas are also found under the following subject headings which are further sub-divided by location or topic.  They cover both the Pre- and the Post-Columbian eras.

     Indian Art     Indian Arts    Indian Artisans    Indian Artists

Other useful subject headings include

     Indian Art from Central America

     Indian art - Mexico