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Minority Student Records at Oberlin College



"Negro Graduates of Oberlin College," 1844-1972

[The term "negro" is transcribed from the historical document, and was used by black and white students, faculty and staff in the 19th to mid-20th centuries.]

See Addendum to Catalogue for more complete information added by Archives staff in 2001.

Note: See Key to Abbreviations for explanations of degrees.




1844 George B. Vashon A.B.
1845 William Cuthbert Whitehorne A.B.
1847 William Howard Day A.B.
1849 James Monroe Jones A.B.
John Mercer Langston A.B.
1850 Mrs. Lucy Stanton Sessions
Lawrence Washburne Minor
1853 Mrs. Frances Williams Clark
1855 Ann Maria Hazle
1856 Louisa Lydia Alexander
Mrs. Sarah Woodson Early
John Craven Jones A.B.
Mrs. Sarah K. Wall Fidler
Mrs. Emma J. Gloucester White
1857 William Allen Jones
1858 John G. Mitchell A.B.
1859 Elias Toussaint Jones A.B.
1860 Mrs. Blanche Harris Jones
Mrs. Susan Reid Oliver
Benjamin Kellogg Sampson
Charles Henry Thompson (theolog)
1861 Charles Alexander Dorsey
Mrs. Maria L. Waring Williamson
1862 James Hiram Muse
Mary Jane Patterson A.B.
1864 John Hartwell Cook
Mrs. Mary McFarland Hayes
1865 Thomas Lewis Harris
Mrs. Marion Lewis Howard
Frances Josephine Norris
Mrs. Fanny Jackson Coppin A.B.
Thomas DeSaliere Tucker
George Green Collins
1866 James Henry Piles
1867 Chanie Ann Patterson

John Eaton Patterson

1868 Mrs. Caroline Still Anderson
1869 George W. Mitchell
1870 Mrs. Adelaide Gloucester Rice
Eloise H. Gloucester
Sarah Mildred Jones
Mrs. Mary Robinson Meriwether
Mrs. Rosa Evans Parrott
James Storum
Mrs. Frankie Emma Harris Wassom
1871 Emma Patterson
1872 Edward Harvey White
1873 Hale Giddings Parker
1874 Matthew Anderson
Robert Bruce Bagby
1875 Anna Holland Jones
William Sanders Scarborough
1876 Martha Rebecca Jackson
Mrs. Caroline Scott Conner
1877 Benjamin Albert Imes
Arthur Desaline Langston
Mrs. Sara Jane Woodson Cohron
George Frederic Thompson Cook h
1878 Solomon Glenn Watkins
1879 Robert C. Henderson
Julia Ann Woodson
1880 Mrs. Julia Evans Johnson
Samuel Reynolds Singer
1881 James Monroe Henderson
1882 John Charles Fremont Jackson
1883 James Henry Garnett
Benjamin Oliver McMichael
Gabriella Wilson
1883 George Washington Moore t
1884 Mrs. Anna Julia Cooper
Mrs. Ida Gibbs Hunt
Mrs. Mary Church Terrell
1884 Benjamin Forsyth Ousley t
1884 Mrs. Ednah Mason Walker lit
1886 Henry Clay Gray t
Mrs. Mary Burnett Talbert
1887 Robert Charles Martin
1888 Mrs. Georgia Temple Bell-Allen-Noland
Gregory Willis Hayes
Nathan Benjamin Young
Sterling Nelson Brown t
1889 Mrs. Viola Scott Clark
Charles Hatfield Dickerson
Mrs. Carrie Burnett Ellis
Nelson Talbot Gant
1889 Mrs. Harriette Gibbs Marshall c
1890 Mrs. Mary Champ Campbell
William Bentley Crittenden
Mrs. Saran Evans Inborden
George Richard Jackson
Lillie Ann Lee
Marion Martin
Eugene Harris
Joseph Samuel Jackson
1891 Mrs. Judith Carter Horton
Henry King Loeb
Robert Shaw Wilkinson
Mrs. Ida Generals Wood
Frankie Ann Robinson
1892 Mrs. Fannie Alexander Sampson
1892 Mrs. Minerva Mitchell Wickliffe
Mrs. Maud Mason Dunn
John Lorenzo Love
Mrs. Lucy Messer Holmes
1893 Mrs. Jane Browne Bond
Mrs. Cornie Cross Patrick
Walter Bowie Hayson
William Lewis Martin
Joseph Jeffrey Walters
1894 Charles Henry Borican
Clarence Caswell Cross
John Henry Palmer t
William Henry Dawley
Thomas Henry Wilson
James Bond t
Daniel Leonard Senior t
1896 Lulu Vere Childers c
Mrs. Maude Brooks Cotton c
1897 George Washington Hill
Dabney Davis Minor
Daniel Henry Vanif ord Purnell
Clara Russell Shippen
1899 William Nelson DeBerry t
1900 William Lee Washington
1901 Mrs. Jane Clark Hill
Mrs. Viola White Goin
John Mercer Langston
Ralph Augustus Marsden
Edward Franklin Goin t
1902 Amplias Harter Glenn
1902 Amplias Harter Glenn
Merton Paul Robinson
Garnet Crummel Wilkinson
1903 Sara Hannah Edwards
Carroll Napier Langston
Hattie MaudeHenderson
Harlan William Peabody
Augustus Riley
1904 Mrs. Leanna Osborne Hale
Mrs. Grace StrangeDorsey
Jesse Gerald Tyler c
1905 Virginia Clementine Smith
William Levi Cash t
1906 Ruth Anna Fisher
Lucian Isaac Miller
Samuel Danforth Morrill
Mrs. Grace Robinson Dickason
Harry Thomas Simmons
John Clarence Wright
Franklin Benjamin Mallard t
1907 Mrs. Roberta Mae Curry Lindsay
Lucien Clarence Fisher t
George Willard Jonnson
Mrs. Josephine Maritcha Lawson Harley
Samuel Richard Morsell
Charles William Stewart
1908 Mrs. Bess Adeline Bolden Walcott
Anna Frances Brodnax
Mrs. Myrtle Lenna Brooks McGowan
James Henry Cowan
Robert Nathaniel Dett (Mus.B.; Mus.D. 1926) c
Gustavus Adolphus Steward (D.B.) t