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Fake News: What It Is, and How To Avoid It: Left, Center, or Right?

News Sources on the Political Spectrum

AllSides is a news website that presents multiple sources side by side in order to provide the full scope of news reporting.

The AllSides Bias Ratings page allows you to filter a list of news sources by bias (left, center, right).

AllSides uses a patented bias rating system to classify news sources as left, center, or right-leaning. Components of the rating system include crowd-sourcing, surveys, internal research, and the use of third-party sources such as Wikipedia and research conducted by Groseclose and Milyo at UCLA. Note that while the Groseclose & Milyo results are popular, the methodology it is not without critique.

Image shows various online news content providers organized into categories reflecting media bias, left center or right

INTERACTIVE Media Bias Chart by Vanessa Otero

The chart was created by Vanessa Otero, a patent attorney, who delivered a webinar to librarians on Information Literacy. Click on the chart below to go to an interactive and more recent version of Otero's Media Bias Chart. On version 5.0 (beta) users can search individual newspaper titles to see where they fall on the spectrum of liberal or conservative, based on Otero's/Ad Fontes Media's evaluation system.


Image of media bias chart showing logos for various news outlets and where they fall on the scale between reliability and political bias (left, center, or right)