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FYSP 072: Transportation in the City: Researching Fictional Cities


How much detail does the primary source text provide on the city and its transportation? 

Look books up on Google Books, see how many references there are to transportation terms like "bus" or "subway." 

For tv shows, look for recap sites, and use Google Advanced search to determine if that site or domain regularly mentions the show and transportation keywords. 

For all types of media, look for reviews of the works and see if the reviews mention either the city or transportation as a key theme. 

How much fan engagement has the source material had? Have people put together detailed wikis, drawn maps, ect?


city name wiki

city worldbuilding

(Looking for fan wikis here, e.g. the What We Do in the Shadows Wiki, not a regular wikipedia page.) 

Google image Search:

city name map

Useful resources