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Climate Change: SOAR Fall 2021

Includes sources for climate science, activism, and education.

In Session

ReadCOP26 climate summit: A scientists’ guide to a momentous meeting (13 min. read from Nature)

Working in groups of 2 or 3, answer these questions and discuss

What do you know about Nature and its publisher, the Springer Nature group?  Find information about it and the writer, Jeff Tollefson, that indicates this is a reputable source based on unbiased, peer-reviewed science.

Tollefson quotes Johan Rockström, a climate scientist who heads the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany.  Search for him using Google - what evidence do you find that Rockström is a capable scientist, committed to solving climate change challenges?

The article draws on data from the Climate Action Tracker.  How reliable is their data?  Are the sources clearly explained, enough to give confidence that CAT is science-based?

What, if anything, gives a sense of optimism as you read through the article?

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