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FYSP 169: Decolonizing Global Capitalism: Finding Newspapers at Oberlin

Finding Newspapers in Summon

Summon can be a powerful way to identify news content, as Oberlin subscribes to dozens of individual news database. Many, but not all, of these resources are indexed by Summon, and it's sometimes more efficient to search Summon than to search each underlying database separately. If you want sources from a particular time or place, is often more efficient to identify the newspaper collection that best aligns with those needs and search that database by itself. After you enter your search terms in Summon, use the "content type" facets on the left side of the screen to select "Newspaper Article" and "Magazine Article." 

Screen shot of the Summon content type interface


What is a "paper of record?"

A newspaper with a reputation for "preeminent and authoritative" news coverage for a geographic or political area. (Sage Encyclopedia of Jouranlism, 2009.) 

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