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FYSP 158: Dance, Dance, Revolution: Multi-modal Media Databases (for exhibit sources!)

Media Searching Strategies

  • Make use of the names of composers, dance companies, theater troupes, artist names, or other "author" search terms. There may be multiple works by the same name, but an author can hone in on the specific work you are seeking.
  • Some works have distinctive titles (Coppelia or Appalachian Spring), while others may have many versions (Cinderella or a Requiem mass). Title searching can be useful when a specific, distinctive title is available.
  • Specify the medium of the work you are seeking. "Cinderella opera", "Cinderella ballet", "Cinderella musical", "Cinderella film" and "Cinderella animated film" will all return different works.

Performing Arts Video Resources

Recorded Music Resources