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Art - Islamic Art & Architecture


See also Islamic art and architecture journals in JSTOR and the Directory of Open Access Journals

Ars Islamica (Ann Arbor, 1934-1949); continued by Ars Orientalis  (Ann Arbor, 1949 ongoing).  
Important journal for the Arts of Asia and the Islamic World.

Art and Archaeology Research Papers.  

Islamic Art, ed. E. Grube, 4 vols.  

Kunst des Orients (1950-1978)
Although published in Germany many of the articles are in English. Ceased in 1978.

Marg.  Print: 1951,1954-1956,1958-2003/2004. Also in JSTOR

Muqarnas, (1983 - present).
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University.  Currently the most scholarly journal in the field