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Global Health: Data & Statistics

Public Health Data & Statistics

UN and WHO Data and Statistics

Global Health Facts Kaiser Family Foundation provided data by country on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other key health and socio-economic issues.

General Social Survey (GSS) provides information on societal trends, including health issues such as number of hospitalizations and depression rates, in the US and compares the US to other countries.

Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx) a data catalog listing information about microdata, aggregated data, and research results with a focus on health-related and demographic datasets.

Health Map  provides a wide variety of data and statistical information on a country-by-country basis.

Demography and Health Surveys Data  Funded by USAID, this site has ready-to-use data for over 90 countries from over 300 surveys.

MEASURE Demographic and Health Surveys National and sub-national data on family planning, maternal and child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS/STIs, infectious diseases, reproductive health and nutrition.

Data Online for Population, Health and Nutrition (DOLPHN) Contains over 70 key health indicators obtained from 11 carefully selected and internationally recognized data sources. 

Public Health Data & Report in U.S.

On Drugs:

  1. The Kratom Debate: Helpful Herb Or Dangerous Drug?

       From NPR, Jan 13, 2020

  1. The U.S. Opioid Epidemic

From Council on Foreign Relations, Sept 17, 2019

  1. Ohio Opioid Summary 2018 Report (released on March 2019)

From National Institute on Drug Abuse

  1. Women & the Opioid Epidemic

From National Women’s Health Network, Jan 26, 2018


Other Statistics Database