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Allen Art Museum: AMAM Publications

When researching an art object always start with the owning museum. Museums research works in their permanent collection and present their findings in exhibition labels, exhibition catalogs, collection catalogs, journal articles as well as social media and brochures.  

Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin

From 1944 through 2003 the museum published the Bulletin of the Allen Memorial Art Museum; check the bulletin for information about works added to the collection during those years.  There are three ways to search the Bulletin:
1. Search the full-text of the Bulletin - Warning: Relevant essays may be missed due to low quality scans)
2. Search Art Full Text and / or Art Index Retrospective - High quality indexing, but does not search the full-text of the Bulletin

Search for"allen museum" in SO Journal Name:

Find AMAM exhibition catalogs in OBIS

Search the phrase "allen memorial art museum" in Keyword to list the 100+ AMAM publications in OBIS
- Browse the titles
- Select Modify/Limit

- And enter a very general keyword: 

AMAM Curatorial files

The Curatorial files are used when there is little written about an art object and after consultation with the art librarian.  Contact the Curator of Academic Programs at 440-775-8645. Appointments must be made at least 3 business days in advance and are limited to one hour.