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OHMS: Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

Going From OHMS to Omeka

Getting an interview to render in Omeka involves four steps: 

1) Exporting a zipped file from OHMS

2) Sending an email to Megan Mitchell indicating which interview(s) are processed and ready for the OHMS Viewer

3) Uploading the zipped file into Omeka (Megan)

4) Editing the Item in Omeka

Exporting Files From OHMS

Log in to:

On the Interview Manager screen, under the Title Column, click on the Check Box corresponding to the title you want to export. 

Under Select Batch Action (dropdown box located in the right screen below the blue NEW button) select Export Selected Interviews as XML

The files will be exported to a zipped folder.  Do NOT unzip the folder

Note:  Some browsers try to be ‘helpful’ (e.g. Safari) and automatically unzip files - change browsers if necessary.

After you export, send an email message to Megan Mitchell and Cecilia Robinson, with the titles of the interviews exported.


Importing FIles Into Omeka

After you have confirmed your files are in the OHMS Viewer:

Log in to the Omeka dashboard 

Click on the OHMS Import tab (located in the left screen below the Dashboard tab)

Click on Choose File to upload the zipped folder containing the OHMS XML file(s) you downloaded to your computer in Step 1.

Make sure Automap OHMS Element is checked

Select Item Type Oral History.  You may leave all other selections and boxes unchecked.

Click on Next

Click on the green Import OHMS File button

Check Import Status

You should see a screen similar to the one below:

insert image

This is the OHMS Import Status table.  Click on the copper colored Status tab or the browser’s Reload icon to update the status.  Pay attention to the Skipped Items column in the table.  A zero indicates that the interview loaded correctly. Any other number indicates an error.  Check with Cecilia or Megan if this occurs.

Edit the Item in Omeka

Click on the Items tab (located in the left screen below the Dashboard tab)

Click the Edit link for the title you want to edit.

Click on the Item Type Metadata link and scroll down to Sort Priority

Enter a four digit number e.g. 0001 to indicate the order in which you want the video to appear on the Oral History Interviews Gallery page.

Click on the Files link to upload an image file (e.g. jpg) from your computer that will display in the gallery.  This is usually a photograph of the interview subject.  If you don’t have a photo you can use/create a placeholder image.

Click on Save Changes