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ESOL 140 - Expository Writing for English Speakers of the Other Languages (Spring 2023)


Music Encyclopedias


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Search approximately 300 million books, scholarly articles, newspaper articles, data, digital audio, digital video, digital images, government documents and more. It draws from the library catalog (OBIS), many of the full text and article indexing databases, as well as digital repositories from colleges, universities, research centers, and other open-access archives on the web. 


Search OBIS

Find books, e-books, videos, scores, and recordings at Oberlin by title, author, subject, keyword, or other options. 

Using Google Books

There are times when using OBIS, our online catalog, that Library of Congress Subject Headings are either too specific enough or they are too broad. In those cases, it can be very valuable to use Google Books to locate the material you need. This video will show you how to use this resource efficiently.

Citing Liner Notes and Music Videos

Citing Liner Notes in APA

Rage Against The Machine. (1996). Evil Empire [Album]. Epic Records.

Check out the APA's guidance on citing music sources, and their guidance on citing individual tracks. This is great for citing lyrics from CD liner notes, or even commentary that is sometimes included in CD booklets.

Citing Music Videos in APA

Check out the APA guide on citing YouTube videos and channels.