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RHET 103: College Writing: Motives and Methods: Oberlin History

College Newspapers

Format Date Range Location
Recent issues   Main Current Reading Area
Bound Volumes 1875-present Main Special Collections
Microfilm 1975-2006 Main Ref Micro
Online access 1874-2012 Student Newspapers at the 5 Colleges of Ohio
Online access February 2009-present
Format Date Range Location
Bound volumes 1979-1998 Main Periodicals 
Microfilm 1979-1998 Main Ref Microfilm
Online access 1979-1998 Oberlin Observer (CONTENTdm)


Town Newspapers

Newspaper Dates Print Access Microfilm Access Online Access Indexed?
Oberlin News Tribune 1930-present Special Collections, 1986-2014 Main Ref Microfilm, 1930-2011 January 6, 1941-December 28, 1945 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1930-1941
Oberlin Evangelist 1838-1862 Special Collections, 1838-1962 Main Ref Microfilm, 1838-1962 1838-1862  
Lorain County News 1860-1872 Special Collections, 1860-1873 Main Ref Microfilm, 1860-1873 1860-1873 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1860-1873
Oberlin News 1873-1874 Special Collections, 1873-1874 Main Ref Microfilm, 1873-1874 (filmed with Oberlin Weekly News) 1873-1874 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1873-1874
Oberlin Weekly News 1874-1891 Special Collections, 1874-1891 Main Ref Microfilm, 1874-1891 1874-1891 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1874-1891
Oberlin News 1891-1930 Special Collections, 1891-1930 Main Ref Microfilm, 1891-1930   Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1891-1930
Oberlin Tribune 1906-1930 Special Collections, 1906-1930 Main Ref Microfilm, 1906-1930    


History of Oberlin Newpapers

  • Oberlin Evangelist (1838-1862)
  • In 1873, the Lorain County News, which began publication on March 7, 1860, merged with the Oberlin Times (Oberlin, Ohio: 1872) to form the Oberlin News.
  • In 1874, the Oberlin News (Oberlin, Ohio: 1873) merged with the Amherst Free Press and became The Oberlin Weekly News.
  • In 1891, the The Oberlin Weekly News changed its title to the Oberlin News.
  • In 1930, the Oberlin News (Oberlin, Ohio: 1891) merged with the Oberlin Tribune to become the Oberlin News-Tribune.

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Subject Headings for OBIS

For the town of Oberlin, use Oberlin (Ohio)
For Oberlin College, use Oberlin College and its many sub-headings.
For county-level information: Lorain County (Ohio)
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  • Ohio – Oberlin
  • Ohio -- Lorain County
  • History

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Alumni Publications

Alumni Directories

Published periodically by the college; a selection of alumni directories is at the research desk and available in the Archives. More contemporary directories (1981, 1989, 1995, 2004) list only living alumnae.  For comprehensive listings of all students (whether they graduated or not), faculty, and administrators prior to 1960, use the following; these sources have slightly different information in cases where individuals are listed in both sources.