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FYSP 167: Writing Religion and Gender Across Culture: Background Sources

Background Source

Background sources are written for a general audience and are intended to give an overview of a topic, fill gaps in the reader’s knowledge, and provide context for deeper understanding.  Examples include Wikipedia, introductory textbooks, and reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks.  They can be a useful place to start your research and can assist in selecting a topic for a research project, locating basic information and key facts, defining important words and concepts, and getting suggestions for additional sources to consult. 

Typical characteristics of background sources:

  • intended to be informative
  • provide context, background, or summary information
  • present shared information and established facts; information is uncontested  
  • offer suggestions for additional sources of information on the topic

List of Books for Reference

Keywords and Subject-Headings

1) Subject-Heading Search (in OBIS)
Women in Hinduism
Women in Islam
Women in Christianity
Women in Hinduism -- Drama
Women in Hinduism -- History
Women in Hinduism -- India
Women in Hinduism -- India -- History
Women in Hinduism -- South Africa -- Biography 
Muslim Women -- Social conditions -- Cross-cultural studies
Women in Islam -- Cross-cultural studies
Sex -- Religious aspects
Sex role -- Religious aspects
and more...  
2) Gender Studies and LGBT related Subject Headings