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First Year Library Advisors (FYLA)

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Find Your Your First Year Library Advisor - Fall 2020 FYS Courses

Course Title Librarian
012. Socialism: Real and Imagined Megan Mitchell
015. In This Here Place, We Flesh: Underground Railroad and Sanctuary Space Eboni Johnson
021. Learning and Labor: Colleges and the Market Elizabeth Sullivan
022. What's For Dinner? Alison Ricker
024. Justice in America? Eboni Johnson
028. Cryptography Eboni Johnson
039. Women Behaving Badly Eboni Johnson
043. Everyday Llfe in Twentieth Century European Dictatorships Elizabeth Sullivan
047. Decolonizing Cinema: Native Americans in Film Megan Mitchell
049. Cultures of Food Writing Alonso Avila
050. Conceptions of the Self East and West Runxiao Zhu
051OC. 23 and Us: Genetics in Contemporary Society Alison Ricker
061. Comics and the Art of Graphic Storytelling Barb Prior
062. Brexit and the Rise of Nationalism in Europe Megan Mitchell
063OC. Research and Reasoning: The Production and Application of Knowledge in STEM Alison Ricker
064. What Is Pop? German Fiction, Film and Music Since 1989 Megan Mitchell
067. The Climate of History: From Asia to the Anthropocene Runxiao Zhu 
068. Minds, Machines, and God Megan Mitchell
077. Sanctuaries Medieval to Modern Elizabeth Sullivan
083. Ethnobiology Alison Ricker
085. Rebellion, Revolution, Rock-n-Roll: 20th-21st century Russian Culture Kathy Abromeit
086. Contemporary East Asian Cinema Runxiao Zhu
088. Numbers in the News Elizabeth Sullivan
091. The Complexities of Identity: Exploring Social Justice through Self and Others Alonso Avila
093. Disability Megan Mitchell
098. Living Machines: Puppet, Robot, Statue, Clock Alonso Avila
110. Black Women and Liberation Eboni Johnson
114. Know Your Place: Civic Humanism and Community Engagement Eboni Johnson
116. Ecology of the Vermilion River Watershed Alison Ricker
121. Everyday Evolution Alison Ricker
126. Tolstoy’s War and Peace Eboni Johnson
128. Media and Memory Alonso Avila
143. Deconstructing Technology Alison Ricker
144. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. Eboni Johnson
152. So You Want to Be an Intellectual? An Introduction to Academic Journalism Alonso Avila
156. American Jews and the Politics of Identity Megan Mitchell
166. Heroes and Villains Megan Mitchell
173. The French Revolution and the Making of the Modern World Elizabeth Sullivan
175. American Theater of Community of Dissent Elizabeth Sullivan
176. Black Women's Narratives, Page, Stage and Screen Eboni Johnson
179. Digital Desire: Japan Through Pop Culture and Literature Runxiao Zhu 
183. What is Folk Music? Kathy Abromeit
194. The Sixth Extinction: Problems and Prospects in Biodiversity Conservation Alison Ricker