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First Year Library Advisors (FYLA)

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Find Your Your First Year Library Advisor - Fall 2023 FYS Courses

Course Title Library Instructor
004. A Playlist for Indigenous Survival Avila
044. Objects and Apparitions Avila
052. Family and Gender in East Asia Avila
078. Finding Stories in Surprising Places Avila
086. Contemporary East Asian Cinema Avila
111. The Great Divide? Cultural Encounters Between the West and the Islamic World Avila
152. So You Want to Be an Intellectual? An Introduction to Academic Journalism Avila
177. The Uncanny in Cross-Cultural Perspective Avila
178. Social Justice and Professional Athlete Activism Avila
099. Food and Community Avila
193. Beyond Disbelief: Can Literature Tell the Truth? Avila
085. Rebellion, Revolution, Rock-'n'-Roll: Art and Dissent in Russia Elliott
102. Jewish Migrations Elliott
112. Live Performance, Live Technology Elliott
006. Power, Politics, and Pastries Johnson
014. Silence=Death: Rhetorics of HIV/AIDS Johnson
031. Queer of Color Performance, Art, and Theory Johnson
033. White Coat Wonders: Examining the Medical Profession Johnson
144. Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Johnson
151. Our Senses, Ourselves Johnson
176. Black Women's Narratives on Page, Stage, and Screen Johnson
185. The Blues Detective: Riffing on a Literary Formula Johnson
196. Why Oberlin? The Value(s) of a Liberal Arts Education Johnson
109. Odysseys and Identities Johnson
045. How To Use Your Body to Survive College (and write brilliant essays) Prior
171. Environment and Expression in Appalachia Prior
187. Playing at Gods: Myth, Ritual, Theater, Story Prior
096. The Art of Social Work Prior & Sullivan
002. Neuroscience and Pop Culture Ricker
007. Artificial Intelligence and the End of the World Ricker
020. Body and Mind Ricker
022. What's for Dinner? The Science of Healthy Eating Ricker
026. The Anthropocene: Human Actions, Global Consequences Ricker
048. Cultured Human Cells in Research and Medicine: A Scientific and Philosophical Perspective Ricker
063. Research and Reasoning: The Production and Application of Knowledge in STEM Ricker
068. Minds, Machines, and God Ricker
075. Knot Theory Ricker
142. Well-Being Ricker
107. City as Symphony: Cinema, Music, and Modernity Sullivan
018. Red Futures: Exploring Soviet Science Fiction Sullivan
148. Moving Pictures: Immigration and Italian Cinema Sullivan
149. International & Non-Profits and Democratic Movement Sullivan
156. Jewish Identity and American Politics Sullivan
173. The French Revolution and the Making of the Modern World Sullivan
182. Paying Attention with Tolstoy Sullivan
158. Dance Dance Revolution Sullivan
008. On Time Sullivan
073. Radical Reading and Writing Sullivan
134. Beastly Interactions: How Animals Shape What it is to be Human Sullivan
129. Great Lakes and Rust Belt States Sullivan & Johnson