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News & Newspapers: Oberlin (Town) News

Town News

Newspaper Dates Print Access Microfilm Access Online Access Indexed?
Oberlin News Tribune 1930-present Special Collections, 1986-2014 Main Ref Microfilm, 1930-2011 January 6, 1941-December 28, 1945 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1930-1941
Oberlin Evangelist 1838-1862 Special Collections, 1838-1962 Main Ref Microfilm, 1838-1962 1838-1862  
Lorain County News 1860-1872 Special Collections, 1860-1873 Main Ref Microfilm, 1860-1873 1860-1873 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1860-1873
Oberlin News 1873-1874 Special Collections, 1873-1874 Main Ref Microfilm, 1873-1874 (filmed with Oberlin Weekly News) 1873-1874 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1873-1874
Oberlin Weekly News 1874-1891 Special Collections, 1874-1891 Main Ref Microfilm, 1874-1891 1874-1891 Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1874-1891
Oberlin News 1891-1930 Special Collections, 1891-1930 Main Ref Microfilm, 1891-1930   Index to Oberlin Newspapers, 1891-1930
Oberlin Tribune 1906-1930 Special Collections, 1906-1930 Main Ref Microfilm, 1906-1930    


History of Oberlin Newpapers

  • Oberlin Evangelist (1838-1862)
  • In 1873, the Lorain County News, which began publication on March 7, 1860, merged with the Oberlin Times (Oberlin, Ohio: 1872) to form the Oberlin News.
  • In 1874, the Oberlin News (Oberlin, Ohio: 1873) merged with the Amherst Free Press and became The Oberlin Weekly News.
  • In 1891, the The Oberlin Weekly News changed its title to the Oberlin News.
  • In 1930, the Oberlin News (Oberlin, Ohio: 1891) merged with the Oberlin Tribune to become the Oberlin News-Tribune.