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Historic Costume: 20th & 21st c. America & the UK: Getting Started

Image rich resources for advertising from previous decades. Late 19th - the end of the 20th century.


This guide lists examples of visual reference sources covering the late 1800s through the 21st century. Each tab covers roughly one decade.  

Sources covering the entire 20th c. listed on the "20th Century: 1900-2000" tab.  

Visual Reference

Visual references are of two types:

Primary sources are from the time and place being studied such as clothing and trade catalogs, magazine and newspaper advertising, period photographs, etc.  This guide lists many collections, books, websites, etc. with primary sources.  

Secondary sources are written by scholars and costumers who research primary sources and other material. Secondary sources contain examples and information not always available from primary sources, like construction details, typical materials, appropriate accessories as well as when, where and how a garment was worn. Secondary sources are listed throughout the tabs on this guide.


Background and context

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