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Feature Films at Oberlin

Oberlin has a robust film collection intended to support our academic programs including both Cinema Studies specifically and the curriculum more broadly. We collect feature films, artist films, and documentaries in a variety of formats, seeking to balance longevity of access and expense with ease of access for current students. 

Determining if Oberlin has access to a film

The libraries strive to have individual item records in OBIS for each film we have access to. However, increasing our reliance on leased streaming collections has made getting accurate and complete OBIS records more difficult, so it is often necessary to search for films in multiple places to determine if Oberlin has access. Students and faculty needing assistance with this process can contact the research help desk or their liaison librarian. 

For foreign language films, these steps may need to be repeated in full for both the English and foreign language versions of the title. 

  • Search Summon for the film title. This will search both most of the records in OBIS and also any film collections in streaming databases that are indexed in Summon. The "streaming video" and "videorecording" content type facets may be helpful. 
  • Search OBIS for the film title, especially if you have reason to believe that a DVD or a la carte streaming license may have been purchased in the last seven days. 
  • Search the following streaming film databases, which do not have complete records in Summon and/or OBIS, for the film title.