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ARTH 225: Pleasure and Design in Confinement: Japanese Prints In and After Edo: Images, Catalogs, Museum Collection

Museum Collections

Mary A. Ainsworth Collection of Japanese Prints 

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Victoria and Albert Museum 

Van Gogh Museum

Japan Ukiyo-E Museum 日本浮世絵博物館


Images Resources


1. Japanese Fine Prints, pre- 1915 ( Library of Congress)

2. (Japanese Woodblock Print Search)

 - A database of Japanese woodblock print images and metadata aggregated from a variety of museums, universities, libraries, auction houses, and dealers around the world. Currently it contains over 213,000 prints from 24 institutions and, as of September 2013, has received 3.4 million page views from 150,000 people. 

Other Resources:

Additional Essays and Videos ( from the Pulverer collection at the Smithsonian)