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SOAR Fall 2021, Information Literacy for Change: Immigration: Home

In the Session

Read the Bloomberg News article, "Law Used to Prosecute Migrants in U.S. Struck Down as Racist," by Robert Burnson, and work together to answer the following questions: 

  1. List the citation for the judge's decision.
  2. Can you find the decision online? 
  3. List the citation for the law the decision finds unconstitutional. 
  4. Can you find the text of the law in the U.S. code online? (Hint: Which title of the code covers immigration?)
  5. Who is the immigration activist quoted in the article?
  6. What organization do they work for?
  7. What is that organization's position on immigration? 
  8. How is that organization funded? (hint: look at the ProPublica nonprofit explorer)
  9. How would you try to determine if the article's assertion that this activist is representative of immigrant activist reaction to this decision on social media is accurate? 
  10. Find a longer article about the same decision from a reputable news organization. List one thing the longer article tells you that this one did not. 

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