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SOAR Fall 2021, Information Literacy for Change: Immigration: Advocacy Organizations


When identifying advocacy organizations you're interested in working with, it's important to critically evaluate the organization so that you fully understand who they are, what work they carry out, and why they do it. These questions will help guide you through that process. 

  • What are the stated advocacy goals? Do they match the organization's actions? 
  • Who are the funders? 
    • Donors? (Who?)
    • Membership? (Who?)
    • Grants? (From where?)
  • IRS non-profit or PAC status? (e.g. 501c3, 527, PAC) 
  • Is there a board? 
    • Who is on it? 
    • How are board members appointed? (Elections?)
    • Are meeting minutes available to review?
  • Do they produce publications? What type? 
  • Are there publications about the organization?

Finding Advocacy Organizations

Below are some common tools used to find advocacy organizations. These are most helpful for large, established organizations, especially those with formal non-profit status with the IRS. For smaller local groups, or for groups that are intentionally de-centralized, using a search engine like google can also be helpful.