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Graffiti and Street Art: Graffiti: examples

Work by graffiti and street artists in the Oberlin College Libraries collection

Celebrate people's history: Iraq Veterans Against the War: ten years of fighting for peace and justice / Iraq Veterans Against the War.
Iraq Veterans Against the War.  2014
A  portfolio of work by  Iraq Veterans Against the War in celebration of their  ten year anniversary (2004-2014).  Contents include 66 silkscreen prints, handmade paper, and oversize posters.
Art Library, Flat collection,  N7433.38.A36 I73 2014 

Cover imageGod Bless Graffiti Coalition box set. Josh MacPhee, Daniel Tucker
Brooklyn, NY : God Bless Graffiti Coalition: Booklyn, Inc., 2018]

The God Bless Graffiti Coalition (GBGC) fought for the democratization of urban spaces and the decriminalization of graffiti practitioners in the early years of the 21st c.  Many works protest the political climate of the Bush era – including the anti-war movement – and document concerns of that time. Contains works in a variety of mediums – such as risographs, screen prints, and spray painted stencils – meant to be displayed in the public spaces of urban environments.  Artists include Shepard Fairey, Slack, Danny Tisdale, Dread Scott, and Havok. 
Art Library, Flat collection N7433.38.A36 M33 2018  

Justseeds retrospective box set collection.
Josh MacPhee, Santiago Armengod, Kevin Caplicki.
[Pittsburgh, Pa. ]: Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, 2012

A collection of work created by the cooperative over a five-year period, providing an overview of Justseeds production and the collective's combined output, the social themes it addresses, and the diversity and commonalities of Justseeds aesthetics. Contains 61 items including screenprints, block prints, offset posters, publications, and other ephemera.  
Art Library, Flat collection  N7433.38 .A36 2012

Examples of graffiti and street art