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HIST 418 – Beyond Slavery and Freedom in the Atlantic World: Developing a Historiography: Finding Sources

Techniques for Situating Sources in the Context of Other Scholarship

  1. Find scholarly background articles on the topic (encyclopedias, handbooks, etc.) Check the resources classified as "Background" on the databases list
  2. See if there is an Oxford Bibliography or Annual Review (most likely to be successful if your topic has a social science methods connection) on your topic
  3. Review historiography or literature review sections of journal articles and books
  4. Consult book reviews
  5. Find sources located in the endnotes and bibliography from works you've already identified
  6. Use cited reference searching in Google Scholar or Web of Science to find works that have cited works you've already identified
  7. Use a broad search tool like Summon or Google Scholar to look for your topic and keywords like "historiography" or "literature review" or "bibliography."
  8. Find a dissertation on the topic. 

Bibliographies, Encyclopedias & Lit Reviews

Article Search Tools

Book reviews in Summon

Use the "book review" limiter to see only book review results, and the Journal Finder to find full text of the review if the linking from Summon fails.