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Finding primary sources in OBIS: Keyword Searching

Keyword: combining arms with AND, OR

OR groups similar terms in parentheses   
(france or french)

AND combines terms or phrases, either singly or in groups 
   (france or french) and art market

Truncation symbols (*, ?, etc.) search for multiple word endings:
   (picasso or braque) and cubis*
   cubis* searches for cubism, cubist, cubists, etc.

See also "Search Tips" at the bottom of the OBIS Advanced Search screen

More about keyword searching

1. Start simple: vienna and palace
2. Use or to increase results:  (vienn* or austria*) and (18th century or 1700s) and palace

3. Truncation symbols also increase results:   vienn* and palace*
   vienn* searches for Vienna, Viennese
   palace* searches for palace, palaces

4. Use and with another keyword to decrease results: vienn* and palace* and 18th century
5. Too many "'non-art" titles?  Go to Advanced Search then "Modify/Limit Search" to the Location  "Art Library":