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Art - Cuban & Haitian

Cuban artists' books

Cincuenta y seis familias: Cincuenta y seis años, 2015 [56 families: 56th year].
Steve Daiber
[Florence, Mass.: Red Trillium Press, 2015].  Open edition
Profits from the sale of this book are used to purchase art supplies for artists in Cuba. 

Art Limited Access Mini, N7433.4.D34 C55 2015

In 2007 Daiber's landlady gave him two libretas with the challenge "You make books.  Make something with this."  Libretas are ration books distributed to families by the Cuban government so no one goes without food.  Each page documents the receipt of rationed supplies such as bread, cooking oil, yogurt, meat, eggs, rice, beans and even tobacco for a household. Daiber reads every libreta he receives; when someone donates a number of sequential years, they trace changes in a family with births and deaths, or perhaps a name that is crossed out.  Libretas are very personal.  Some are wrapped with plastic or a paper cover to protect them over the course of a year; some contain anonymous drawings. Bound together as whole, we hold in trust each family’s story.

The libretas are bound together with a traditional raised cord binding, one libreta for each year of the revolution. Two books were created in 2010 with 51 libretas, two books in 2014 with 55 libretas and four books in 2015 with 56 libretas.   One book in 2016 with 57 libretas. One book in 2017 with 58 libretas and a second book contains over 200 libretas and was donated to Casa de las Americas, Havana. One book was bound in 2019 with 60 libretas. 

Cronica insular: Poder (2010), Privacidad (2011), and La Espera (2013)
Red Trillium Press, 2007-2013

A trilogy of artists' books created by a group of Cuban book artists; the collaborations grew out of multiple conversations starting in 2003.  In 2007 the artists chose three themes that primarily impact their social and political relationships:  Power, Privacy and Waiting.  The trilogy of artists books Cronica insular:  Poder 2010, Privacidad 2011 and La Espera 2013 tell the stories of their lived reality in 21st century Cuba.  The artists have donated five copies of each book to Cuban cultural institution.


Poder: Power.  2010
Essay by Yamilys Brito Jorge.
Edition of 25 with 16 artist copies and 3 proof copies. 10 x 10 x 197”       
Lithography, silk screen, linoleum and wood cut, and etching on paper. 

Art Library

Steven Daiber in collaboration with 15 Cuban printmakers- Oscar Osmeivy Ortega, Eduardo Hernández Santos, Orlando Montalbán Rodríguez, Angelmaidelín Calzadilla Fernández, Jesús Reyes Romeu (Chucho), Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Jannette Brossard Duharte, Darexis Valle  Rodriguez, Isolina Limonta Rodríguez, Luis Lamothe Duribe, Alejandro Sainz Ramos, Dania Fleites Díaz, Aliosky García Sosa, Norberto Marrero Pírez, Yamilys Brito Jorge.

"Privicidad/ Privacy" prints

Privacidad: Privacy.  2011      
Edition of 25 with 5 proof copies. 14 artist copies. 5 x 7 x 1.25”
Lithography, silkscreen, linoleum, etching on paper.  

Art Library 

Steven Daiber in collaboration with 13 Cuban printmakers– Adislen Reyes Pino, Aliosky García Sosa, Anyelmaidelín Calzadilla Fernández, Eduardo Guerra Hernández, Eduardo Hernández Santos, Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Isolina Limonta Rodríguez, Janette Brossard Duharte, Jesús Reyes Romeu (Chucho), Luis Lamothe Duribe, Norberto Marrero Pírez, Orlando Montalbán Soler, Yamilys Brito Jorge.


Le Espera: The Wait.  2013 
Essay by Janette Brossard 
Edition of 30 with 3 artist’s proofs
18.25" x 7.25" x .25" (46.5 x 18.5 x .8 cm); Opened: 32.75" (83 cm) 
Lithography, silkscreen, linocut, woodcut on Japanese Kozuke Ivory;  Cover: blue Kyoseishi Sora

Art Library, Flat, N7433.4.D34 E76 2013 

La Espera is collaboration with 17 Cuban printmakers: Adislen Reyes Pino, Alejandro Sainz Alfonso, Aliosky García Sosa, Angelmaidelín Calzadilla Fernández, Eduardo Hernández Santos, Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Ibrahim Miranda, Jamie Rodríguez Cunill, Janette Brossard Duharte, Jesús Reyes Romeu (Chucho), Lisbet Corvo Alderete, Liudmila López Dominguez, Luis Lamothe Duribe, Norberto Marrero Pírez, Orlando Montalbán Rodríguez, Yilian Marie Torres Gómez, Yordanis Garcia Delgado.

The wait accompanied by hope generates a devastating vital force, but when the wait becomes a useless lethargy, then will is broken and reason is lost.

Ediciones Vigía

Since their founding in 1985 Ediciones Vigia has published the work of important Cuban writers such as Pablo Armando Fernandez, Cintio Vitier, Eliseo Diego, Nancy Morejon, Fina Garcia Marruz, and Roberto Fernandez Retamar, as well as important contemporary authors worldwide.