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ENGL 255 - In Search of America: The Concept of Nature in Early American Literature: Home

Getting Started with Evans

1) Go to DATABASES A to Z on the libraries website

2) Choose America's Historical Imprints


4) Choose Select Collections

5) Check boxes for Evans and Apply Selection

Searching Effectively

  • Brainstorm lots of keywords
    • broader and narrower concepts, crazy spellings, cringey & antiquated terminology
  • Use or between similar/synonymous terms
    • farming or agriculture
  • Use wildcards liberally
    • natur*  for nature, natures, natural, naturally 
  • Account for the elongated S 
    • substitute the letter "f" for "s"  for example: sermon or fermon
  • Use ADJ# to find terms near each other, in the same order
    • philip adj3 freneau 
  • Use NEAR# to find terms near each other, in any order
    • women near5 witch*




Working with Search Results

Use the View Found Pages option first - this will show you where your terms appear in the document