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Pioneer Academics

Using OBIS (the library catalog)


OBIS is the best search tool for finding and linking to E-books owned by the Oberlin College Libraries.  You can search using keywords or if you are looking for a specific book you can search by title or author.  You can identify an item as an online resource by it's single title entry.  It will not display a Location, Call #, or Status.

Example:  Wind turbine control and monitoring is an E-book you can connect to online.

Using Summon



Summon provides access to millions of sources of all types (books, articles, audio, videos, images, etc.) on nearly any subject. It searches many different Oberlin College sources including the library catalog and some databases. 

Start searching using  keywords related to you research question and connecting them with Boolean operators.  Your Boolean operators must be in all caps (AND, OR, NOT).

Example:  Wind AND Electricity OR "power supply"

Once you retrieve your initial results, you can use the left hand column to further refine you search to Full Text Online and Books/E-books.